It's Cloud Conveyancing Software

conveyIT was launched in 1999, out of the need for an automated workflow product for law firm conveyancing transactions. One that could provide a better service to clients as well as enhancing communications with the key players/stakeholders.


Over twenty years later, the product has gone from strength to strength and is now the preeminent supplier of conveyancing workflow systems to New Zealand Property Lawyers and Conveyancers.


david sarginson

David Sarginson

DIRECTOR Hello, I’m David, I am a former partner in Gibson Sheat having qualified as a lawyer 40 years ago. I have specialised in conveyancing for most of that time and lead the Gibson Sheat Property Team. I have a specific interest in how information technology can be utilised in the legal industry particularly conveyancing. The initial conveyIT workflow product was developed many years ago for use within Gibson Sheat. I am passionate about conveyancing workflow and in seeing it embraced by the legal community. I am a director of the company but am also involved at the coalface providing input on precedents and enhancements, and advising on best process and how legislative changes impact on conveyIT. I have a law degree, 40 years experience in conveyancing, and 10 plus years experience in providing workflow solutions for law firms.
“New Zealand’s pre-eminent supplier of conveyancing workflow systems”

Our Story 

Like many good Kiwi StartUps, conveyIT was initially based on an off-the-shelf workflow product, but very quickly it was discovered that this only provided a base functionality. Back in the beginning this meant writing the workflow itself, creating the tasks and task list, creating a set of precedents flexible enough to be utilised in a variety of situations, and creating a diary system for management of the transaction itself. This was not an easy task and took some time to achieve.

Jump forward to today, this means the day-to-day repetitive, manual work has been removed and replaced with an automated cloud based conveyancing system designed by lawyers to be used by lawyers and conveyancing professionals. One which works alongside practice management software, including ActionStep, LEAP and InfinityLaw and is available anytime, anywhere, from any device!


Most small to midsize law firms specialising in conveyancing will benefit from using conveyIT within their own practices. Today you will find conveyIT in over 50 property practices around the country, supporting those teams with best practice workflows ensuring a complete and streamlined service and adding revenue to their bottom line.

“we strongly believe in partnering for our success and we acknowledge the following:”
  • John Gilding
    Everyone in the firm uses it. No-one complains
    Kim Thomson, John Gilding & Associates
  • I use it all the time as it’s integrates with all my files
    Fiona Taylor, Smith and Partners
  • I use it all the time. It’s a big part of my every day.
    Trudy Carrig, Gibson Sheat incorporating Logan Gold Walsh
  • Richmond Law
    I find conveyIT great, awesome, as I can’t forget anything
    Felicia Livingstone, Richmond Law