conveyIT Product Release: April 2019

29 Apr conveyIT Product Release: April 2019

Most of the updates are in the background this month and include improvements and fixes available for use now.

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

New Features


Couple Contacts

We have done some behind the scenes work so we can retrieve more data from each partner in a couple contact record (and also for contacts associated to an impersonal, for example, contacts added to a Trust).  In the future we will be able to “auto-populate” more individual information into documents.




Remove prompt to check matter number

For customers not using sync, after specifying a matter number a dialog was displayed prompting to check the matter number.  As we can now move and copy workflows to other clients and matter numbers this prompt (and the extra click!) is no longer necessary, so we have removed it.

Auto-filled fields in Chrome

We found Chrome would sometimes auto-fill fields with data not applicable to the matter, so we have specified that matter and contact fields are not auto-filled in Chrome.

LAWbase Client Numbers

Alphanumeric LAWbase client numbers are no longer case sensitive when searching by client number when creating a new workflow.

Field Sizes

We have increased the field sizes to incorporate longer names for contacts.  In this instance specifically for retirement village names which can be quite long.  This change also benefits client names, for example, longer Trust names.




“Document Variables” Headings

This heading now only appears where appropriate.