Our API Lets Your Application Send Data to conveyIT Maestro!

Our API Lets Practice Management Systems Send Data to conveyIT Maestro!

If you are currently developing an application and would like to integrate conveyIT’s API, you’ve come to the right place. To get started right away click here.


With an increasing number of Law Firms contacting us about sending data from their practice management system into conveyIT Maestro we decided it was about time we made our API public. We’ve tidied things up a bit and created some documentation to help developers understand what’s available.


To get started you’ll need a trial account, you’ll get around easier that way. But if you’re in a hurry, and want to get stuck in right away, simply use our test account details. You will find them conveniently located at the login call here.


The conveyIT Maestro API allows your application to sync database content with conveyIT Maestro creating, efficiencies in client and, matter input, and document management.


The biggest advantage of using the conveyIT Maestro API is to sync client, and matter data from your application to conveyIT Maestro for consumption in Workflows. This key feature eliminates the need to double enter data in conveyIT Maestro allowing your application users to start using conveyIT Maestro Workflows almost instantly!


Thomson Reuters Infinitylaw customers have been using the API to send data to conveyIT Maestro for a number of years now. To get your application conveyIT Maestro certified click here.

Need to add conveyancing workflow to your application? Save time and money, reduce your risk and implement the conveyIT Maestro API

The following Law Firms use our API to send data from Infinity Law into Maestro. Is your application integrated with conveyIT Maestro?

Focus more on your downward dog and less on double keying data from your PMS back into conveyIT Maestro!

Focus more on your downward dog and less on double keying data from your PMS back into conveyIT Maestro!

  • John Gilding
    Everyone in the firm uses it. No-one complains
    Kim Thomson, John Gilding & Associates
  • I use it all the time as it’s integrates with all my files
    Fiona Taylor, Smith and Partners
  • I use it all the time. It’s a big part of my every day.
    Trudy Carrig, Gibson Sheat incorporating Logan Gold Walsh
  • Richmond Law
    I find conveyIT great, awesome, as I can’t forget anything
    Felicia Livingstone, Richmond Law