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Maestro Short Cut Keys!

Released August 11, 2016

Announcing Short Cut keys in Maestro! Always open to customer feedback, we have been working on developing a suite of short cut keys for Maestro. We have focused on the high use areas – generating documents and editing fields within the update fields section. As an example, users should save around 40 mouse clicks when navigating through field groups and generating a purchase first letter to client.

Editing the Update Fields Section

Shortcut Keys within this section will allow users to navigate vertically through field group links in the update fields page.

ALT + 1 will take you to the Contract group

ALT + 2 will take you to the Client group

ALT + 3 will take you to the Real Estate group

ALT + 4 will take you to the Other Law Firm group

ALT + 5 will take you to the Council group

ALT + 6 will take you to the Lender group

ALT + 7 will take you to the Insurance group

ALT + 8 will take you to the Kiwisaver group

ALT + 9 will take you to the Other Parties group


Generating Documents

Users can press A, B, C, or D to navigate through options within the document wizard.

A is associated to the first option

B is associated to the second option

C is associated to the third option

D is associated to the fourth option


The Blue Action Buttons

All blue buttons within the document generation wizard will be connected to the return / enter key.

Blue buttons

The Cursor

When generating documents, the cursor defaults to the first editable field.

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