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New Email Functionality!

In response to client feedback we are pleased to introduce Emailing directly from the software! Generated correspondence can now be sent as an email message.



A “Send Email” button will be visible in the Microsoft Word ribbon for documents enabled for emailing. When “Send Email” is clicked, the current document will be added to a new email message in Outlook. If there are any other documents open in Word for this client/matter, you will be given the option to attach these to the email message as PDF or docx files.


When a precedent has been enabled for emailing, the “Send Email” button becomes visible on the ribbon.


When “Send Email” is clicked, a new Outlook email message is created and:

(a) Any email addresses in the document address block are pushed to the email “To” row

(b) The subject of the document is pushed to the email “Subject” row

(c) Document content between the subject line and the sign off is pushed to the email body


Note: Some of the correspondence tasks in workflow have been moved slightly so that the attachments associated with these tasks are created first and the related correspondence item last. Why? When “Send Email” is clicked, Word looks for any other open documents for the same client/matter, and will list these documents to be optionally attached as a PDF or a Word document to the same email message.


Note: ONLY documents for the same client/matter will be available for selection, regardless of the number and type of documents actually open in Word.

Example of New Functionality


Create the following documents from the Open File stage:

(a) Explanatory Notes (and leave open in Word)

(b) Sale Information Form (and leave open in Word)

(c) Terms of Engagement (and leave open in Word)

(d) First Letter to Client (and leave open in Word)


With First Letter to Client open click “Send Email”. Any open documents for this client/matter are listed:

(a) Select the documents you wish to attach to your email

(b) Choose the order and the format – PDF by default – or Word

(c) “Close selected documents on completion” is ticked by default (saves having to manually close the open documents)

(d) Click “OK” to attach the documents to the email


In Outlook

(a) A new email message is created

(b) Content from the first letter is populated

(i) Email addresses from address block

(ii) Email subject line from the document subject line

(iii) Content between the subject line and signoff

(c) The selected documents are attached in the format selected (PDF by default)


Any queries or questions, please contact the help desk on support@conveyit.co.nz or 0508 33 22 88

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