1. Installation Fee

28 Sep 1. Installation Fee

1.1 A standard installation fees shall apply provided that if any of the licensee’s hardware or software does not comply with CSL’s requirements such installation fee shall be agreed upon between the parties and this license agreement shall be subject to such agreements being reached;
1.2 The installation fee covers:
(a) the creation of a unique cloud tenant environment specific to the licensee;
(b) the setup of conveyIT Maestro for one brand or location as appropriate;
(c) the initial establishment of an administrator with the capability of establishing additional users;
(d) the initial setup of preferences (browser themes and colours) and the upload of preferred logo for display on the licensees browser;
(e) initial set up of authorised sign offs (people who will sign customer and workflow documents);
(f) set up of the licensees text messaging preferences based on Click-a-Tel;
(g) the provision of a library of standard templated precedent documents and/or correspondence defined at the time of delivery and installation;
(h) customisation of these standard precedent documents and or/correspondence with the licensees brand, preferred font, and paragraph styling for one brand or office location;
(i) a complete set of user manuals sufficient for users within one brand or office; and
(j) initial and on-going user training in accordance with subclause five of this agreement and on the basis that delivery is within one brand or office based on an “over the web” remote style of training delivery.
1.3 The licensee will ensure all users are available for web based training at the arranged time. Additional sessions or on-site training may incur additional cost as per paragraph 3 of this schedule.