2. Delivery and Installation

24 Sep 2. Delivery and Installation

2.1  CSL shall create a web based environment for the Licensee to access conveyIT Maestro.
2.2  The Licensee shall give CSL such reasonable access (including remote access) and assistance, including provision of personnel and facilities, as CSL reasonably considers necessary to ensure satisfactory installation of conveyIT Maestro.
2.3  The Licensee shall pay CSL an installation fee calculated as provided for in the First Schedule within seven days of signing this agreement.
2.4  Subject to clause 1.3 of the First Schedule, CSL will provide the initial setup and effect personalisation of conveyIT Maestro precedent documents and/or correspondence to accommodate the Licensee’s brand and document layout at the time of installation.
2.5  The Licensee will provide the Operating Environment set out in Schedule 2.