4. Warranty, Support, Installation

24 Sep 4. Warranty, Support, Installation

4.1 CSL warrants that it owns the intellectual property in conveyIT Maestro and can grant this licence to the licensee to access it.
4.2 CSL does not warrant that conveyIT Maestro is error free and that its operation will be continuous.
4.3 CSL will support and maintain conveyIT Maestro for the Licensee (Support Services).
4.4 Support Services will be provided in the following manner:
(a) by telephone support;
(b) by remote online support by direct connection with the operating system; and
(c) where necessary by supply of updates of conveyIT Maestro.
4.5 The Licensee will provide PPTP-VPN, MS-RDP, Citrix GoTo Assist, TeamViewer or other broadband access approved by CSL for ongoing remote software support and maintenance.
4.6 To avoid delays in support call resolution, ongoing remote access as provided for in subclause 2.5 must be available at all times, without the need for Licensee consent on each occasion.
4.7 Where the Licensee makes changes at their site affecting the operation of conveyIT Maestro, without prior consultation with CSL, and urgent action is required by CSL to enable conveyIT Maestro to operate, CSL may charge for any time expended by it at the rate set out in schedule 1.