5. Training

24 Sep 5. Training

5.1 CSL will provide initial training to the Licensees designated personnel to a level where CSL is reasonably satisfied that such personnel are able to operate conveyIT Maestro (initial training).
5.2 This initial training will be affected after the creation of the customer account but before access is provided and will be provided by web-based methods as per Schedule 1.
5.3 CSL will provide further training as and when required by the Licensee (further training). CSL shall be entitled to charge for such further training at the rate specified in the First Schedule. Such rate may be altered at any time by CSL by notice in writing.
5.4 Further training may be provided remotely or by on-site training. In the case of on-site training, CSL is entitled to be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses such as for accommodation, meals and travel.