Getting started

19 Sep Getting started

What does it cost?
You pay per transaction. There is a small installation cost and a minimum monthly fee. Our fees are shown on this page

Is there an installation cost?
Yes, there is a small initial cost for installation.

What do I get for this?
Broadly speaking, your installation cost covers the set-up of your account, initial branding customisation and training. A full description of what is covered by your installation cost is shown on this page.

What do transactions cost?
Maestro has 3 different transactions, a sale transaction, a purchase transaction and a refinance transaction. The cost of these are shown on this page.

What happens if the contract doesn’t go unconditional?
If one or more of the conditions are not met and therefore does not go unconditional then we do not charge you for the use of Maestro to get to this point.

Is there a minimum monthly cost?
Yes, there is a minimum monthly cost. Currently that is $300 which broadly equates to 10 transactions.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, all our costs are published on our website and can be found on this page. You may have to pay your telecommunications provider for your txt alerts but this is not a charge levied by us.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, once you indicate that you want to sign up for conveyIT Maestro we will send you an agreement to sign.

Is there a minimum contract period?
Yes, there is an initial fixed contract period of 12 months.

What if I want to stop using conveyIT Maestro?
After the initial fixed term you can terminate your agreement with one month’s written notice.

How can I pay?
Our standard method of payment is via direct debit. You can discuss paying on invoice but this is not our preferred method.

Can I pay by credit card?
No we do not have this facility at present.

How many users can I have on my account?
There is currently no limit on the number of users on your account. Your initial installation is for one physical location or brand. If you wish to use conveyIT Maestro in another location which needs different branding then there is an additional cost to customise this brand.

How much time will I save using conveyIT Maestro?
We have not done any official benchmarking, but anecdotally customers have reported up to 30% efficiencies over undertaking conveyancing manually or by traditional methods.