conveyIT Maestro functions

19 Sep conveyIT Maestro functions

What types of conveyancing transactions are covered?
Three workflows are currently available – residential property sale, purchase and refinance.  2019 will see the addition of purchase of retirement village occupation rights, commercial property sale and commercial property purchase workflows.

Does conveyIT Maestro cover commercial transactions?
Commercial property sale and purchase workflows will be added in early 2019.

Does conveyIT Maestro cover all tasks and precedents in a conveyancing workflow?
Workflows cover most conveyancing scenarios (upward of 90%) however; you can add additional tasks within a workflow to cope with any uncommon or unique circumstances.

Does conveyIT Maestro cover all property titles?
Yes, fee simple, cross lease and unit title property types are covered.

What format are documents output in?
Documents are output in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.

Can I modify a document after it’s produced?
Yes, once a document is created by the document wizard it is opened in Microsoft Word and can be edited as you would edit any other document.

Can I save documents to my local hard drive or practice management system?
Yes, during your installation we will configure conveyIT Maestro to save files to a chosen drive or file structure. Currently, conveyIT Maestro is compatible with and integrated into Infinitylaw IDM and LAWbase document management systems.

Can I use other text message providers?
Your standard conveyIT Maestro installation uses the Clickatell SMS gateway ( There is the option to configure SMTP for an existing email to text gateway.  Compatibility will be reviewed at installation and can be configured at an additional cost.

Can I add or delete tasks in a workflow?
Tasks can be added or removed from a specific matter workflow.  conveyIT Maestro workflows can also be customised (tasks added or removed) for individual firms.

What practice management systems do you integrate with?
conveyIT Maestro currently integrates with Infinitylaw and LAWbase.  Other practice management systems will be added in due course.  Integration includes pushing client names, addresses and contact details for conveyancing matters from the practice management system to the website, and syncing documents from the firm’s document management system to the website.

What trust systems do you integrate with?
conveyIT Maestro is a stand-alone system and does not currently integrate with any trust management systems.

Can I order a title through conveyIT Maestro?
Workflows contain tasks that are hyperlinks to the Landonline logon page.  Future development of Landonline in the near future may provide the opportunity for more comprehensive integration.

Can I upload my existing client contacts and matters into convey it Maestro?
If you are using Infinitylaw or LAWbase both your client details and matters are automatically synchronised with conveyIT Maestro.  For other practice management systems a one-off bulk load of clients is available and can be organised at an additional cost.

Can I send updates to my clients via conveyIT Maestro?
Yes, workflows contain notification tasks that allow you to send email and text updates to various parties at critical points in the transaction.

Can I send correspondence to my clients via email?
Yes, conveyIT Maestro provides the ability to customise and send all documents via email.

Can I allow clients to access their matters via the workflow?
No not at present however this is a planned development for a future stage.

Can I modify and re-print a document?
Yes, you can do this from your practice management system, from the conveyIT Maestro client’s contact record or from the document repository.