Licence fees (subscription)

24 Sep Licence fees (subscription)

A customer’s licence is subject to a monthly fee as follows:

a. $450.00 (plus GST) per month if paid monthly in arrears

Once the value of the accumulated transaction fees within a calendar month exceed this level, the monthly fee is calculated on a per transaction basis instead.

The fee per transaction is as follows:
a. $45.00 (plus GST) per Live Sale Transaction;

b. $45.00 (plus GST) per Live Purchase Transaction;

c. $30.00 (plus GST) per Live Refinance Transaction;

d. $45.00 (plus GST) per Live Purchase of Retirement Village Occupation Rights Transaction;

e. $75.00 (plus GST) per Live Commercial Property Transaction.

In the case where the monthly fee has been paid annually in advance and the accumulated transaction licence fees within a calendar month exceed $300.00 (plus GST), a credit of $300.00 (plus GST) will be applied to the total accumulated monthly transaction fee charged for that month.